Relay Control AVR

Voltage Stabilizer

Product Details:

All automatic voltage stabilizers for home use are based on SAVE POWER Technology, and have many Unique Features which enable them to give High Performance, Better Reliability and SAVE Electricity.

It has complete Range of Energy Efficient Digital Voltage Stabilizers for TV, Refrigerator, CC TV, treadmill, Air-conditioners and all types of home applications with various working Input Range, suitable for all kinds of Power and Voltage Conditions. All Stabilizers for AC’s also have Smart Time Delay feature, which gives breathing space & Stabilizes the Power supplying to the Load, hence increases the Life of all appliances.

Suitable for use:

  • Refrigerator (Freeze)
  • Computer, LED TV, CC TV
  • Treadmill, Exercise Machine
  • Air-condition
  • All kinds of home electric and electronics application

Product Details:

Capacity 350 – 10000 VA
Type  Relay Control
Phase Single-phase
Voltage AC 100~260V
Frequency 50 Hz
Voltage 220V ± 5% (Adjustable)
Capacity 200 – 8000 WATT
Frequency 50 Hz
Protection Over / Low Voltage,
Short circuit & overload by a fuse
Efficiency AC-AC > 95%
Environment Humidity 20 % to 90%,
Temperature -50 C ~450 C
Control System  Relay
Cooling system Natural Air cooled
Main Features
  • Automatic voltage regulation
  • Protection against Low voltage & over voltage
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Short circuit & overload protection
  • Selectable delay time
  • Built-in transformer: Relay
  • Digital display