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Our Selling Brand

To be the leader in the Electrical & Electronics Engineering field in Bangladesh by providing enhanced services, relationships, profitability & ensure customer delight. we dream to cross the national boundaries to face the global competition by professional intelligence, technical up gradation and business commitment.

Vendors Connecting those dots.

We believe in the philosophy that customers are the best referrers for the vendors. If we can satisfy our valued customers then they will speak for us. with the blessing of our satisfied customers
RAN is one of the best power solutions company in Bangladesh. We always focus on the best services to our clients.
RAN has been established in 2011 as the best power solutions company and till now it is providing the upper class solutions all over the country. We are committed to provide the best quality products to our clients.
Let us go for the professional business dwellings to us. The best quality products and 24/7 after sell service is our main target.

Features & Benefits

We are very dedicated and honest to our commitment form the starting point. We’ll help to turn your business into a fulfillment digitalized form
Our Selling Brand
We are honest with our business and provide real products to our clients. We never break our client’s hope.
On-time Delivery
We deliver our products on time for the client’s benefit.
We are 100 percent committed to providing the best services to the customer.
Online Support
We provide online and offline sales support to our clients all the time. This is one of the most important features