Solar IPS

HI-END PWM Based Solar PCU

Product Details:

Microtek HI-END PWM Based Solar PCU is designed using latest state-of-the-art Technology for Better Performance and High Reliability.It is Integrated with in-built 35Amp Smart Solar Management Unit.

The Solar Sinewave Technology used,enhances the life of the battery and minimum effort has to be put for maintenance.

Product Details:

Key Features
  • Wave Type: Pure Sine Wave.
  • Charger Technology: Pulse with modulation.
  • Pure Sinewave Solar PCU PWM Are Based On DSP Technology.
  • State of the art Pure Sineware Technology.
  • Smart Real Time Clock solar Selection to Miximise Money saving.
  • User Friendly Solar Selection Switch to save Power.
  • Battery Charger Even at 90V Low Voltage.
  • Smart LCD Displays Total Solar Energy Genration(in KWH).
  • Battery Types Support: Tubular, SMF, Flate Plate.
  • Remote Monitoring Through WIFI/LAN/GPRS (Optional Feature).
Advantages of Solar PCU
  • You can run without a Solar Panel You can turn on a solar PCU with or without a solar panel. You can use it as a standard inverter without having to worry about using solar energy. And whenever you feel the energy of the sun will be even more helpful, all you have to do is install a solar panel.
  • Easy to install and saving Solar PCUs are easy to install, expensive, and can help reduce your electricity bills. It therefore ensures that the user gets a double profit.
  • Independent operation Compared to a solar inverter, a solar PCU can work with or without Grid Power. Solar PCUs can be used without a Grid connection. Therefore, while inverters can only be used with the Grid, PCUs work with the grid as well. .
  • In-depth Information Display If you use a solar inverter, you will have limited access to information. As, when it comes to solar PCU, you have access to detailed information such as charging status, required repair steps, loading level, battery level, etc