Power Your Life with Long Ran Electronics & Solar

At Long Ran Electronics & Solar, we believe in powering your life with the best technology. Our products are designed to keep you connected, safe, and eco-friendly. Let’s explore what we offer and why we are your best choice.


UPS Systems: Keep Your Gadgets Safe


Power cuts happen. They can damage your electronics. Our UPS systems protect them. They provide backup power during outages, giving you time to save your work and shut down properly. No more sudden blackouts. Trust Long Ran UPS to keep your devices safe and running.


IPS Units: Ensure Uninterrupted Power


Don’t let power outages disrupt your life. Our IPS units provide continuous power. They keep your lights on and your fans running so you stay comfortable, even during long outages: no more dark rooms or sweaty nights. Enjoy uninterrupted power with Long Ran IPS. We make power cuts a thing of the past.


Solar Solutions: Go Green and Save Money


Want to save money and protect the planet? Go green with Long Ran Solar. Our solar solutions turn sunlight into electricity, so you enjoy free, clean energy every day and reduce your bills and carbon footprint. Join the green revolution with Long Ran. Trust us for reliable and efficient solar power.


Alhamdulillah, we now have available stock of LONG RAN brand solar panels:


– 20 Watt 

– 50 Watt 

– 65 Watt 

– 80 Watt 

– 100 Watt 

– 170 Watt 

– 220 Watt 

– 300 Watt 

– 550 Watt 


If you need solar panels, contact us today! 


Batteries: Power Up and Keep Going