JSON file

You will also need a text editing tool like Notepad++ to generate a .html file. Your code will be autosaved every minute into the Timeline tab of History which shows the most recent 30 items. In the Code section one can write or edit raw mermaid code, and instantly Preview the rendered result on the […]

Advanced Techniques to Transform Relational Data to JSON in SQL Server 2016

Your data is merely processed and returned directly to you. When in doubt, our recommendation is to validate JSON with the latest specification, RFC 8259, as it will ensure the highest level of compatibility. To install, just drag the button above into your bookmarks toolbar. Install the JSON Formatter & Validator Bookmarklet to quickly and […]

3 Steps to Recover Deleted or Unsaved Notepad Files on Windows 10

Right-click the folder and find Restore previous versions in the pop-up menu. No, it’s not possible to recover Notepad files that hadn’t been saved. First, you have to open the start menu on the PC, write down “%appdata%” in the search bar, and press the enter button. Or fold it into thirds or quarters in […]


If producing perfect code was the goal, you would be seated in front of a computer in the interview rooms and exam halls. This button displays the currently selected search type. When expanded it provides a list of search options that will switch the search inputs to match the current selection. Syntax highlighting, advanced find […]

How to remove BOM from any text XML file

If you’re using iPhone, iMac, and iPad, this note taking tool will definitely meet most of your note-taking requirements. Quite similar to Simplenote, Apple Notes seamlessly syncs with iCloud. With one click, convert any note into a task and access ClickUp’s Whiteboards, Dashboards, Goals, custom workflows, time tracking, chats, and much more. If your notes […]